As police investigate what happened leading up to the death of Whitney Houston, new speculatory details have emerged since the singer's tragic passing.

According to TMZ, a search of the Beverly Hilton Hotel room in which the 48-year-old was staying found no illegal drugs, though prescription medications were located.

TMZ adds that there's a chance Miss Houston died from drowning in the bathtub, but since her body was removed from the water before EMTs arrived the conclusive determination must await an autopsy.

Along with tapping Jennifer Hudson to perform a tribute at tonight's (February 12) GRAMMY Awards ceremony, it has also been announced that Whitney will be remembered on Tuesday night's episode of "Glee" titled 'Heart' - during which Amber Riley will perform "I Will Always Love You”.

Below are pictures from the scene at the Beverly Hilton Hotel after Whitney Houston's passing (February 11).

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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