Makeup artist Pamela Taylor believes Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to experiment with a new look. The good news: You can create these fresh, romantic looks easily with hardly any extra effort. Here, Pamela describes three ultra-feminine Valentine’s Day makeup looks. a soft, romantic makeup look:

“The key to keeping your look soft is to use sheer, muted colors and avoid overdoing any one area of your face. There are lots of sheer, beautiful pinks at the cosmetics counter that look wonderful on all skin tones, whether you have pale white or deep brown skin. If you could buy only one new product for your updated, fresh romantic look, make it pink lip gloss with brown undertones. This shade is gorgeous and looks fantastic on everyone.
“To create the face: Curl your lashes and apply either black or brown mascara. (Make sure you don’t use too much.) After you’ve prepared you face as you normally do, softly contour you cheeks with a very pale, sheer pink blush, placing it just on your cheekbones. Again, keep it light. You just want an accent of a neutral pink to give your face a lift. (Dip your blush brush lightly into the color then tap it off before applying it gently to your face.) Add the gloss to your lips and you’re done!”

For a vivid, sexy makeup look:

“The key to this look is to enhance your eyes in a dazzling way by adding individual lashes to your lash line. Take a trip to local pharmacy or beauty store and buy a set of lashes and clear eyelash adhesive. (I promise you: If it’s clear and you apply it correctly, you won’t be able to detect it!) First, apply mascara to your natural lashes. Next, dip the back part of the underside of the lash into the adhesive and piggyback it onto the outer corner of your natural lashes. (Do not dip the entire bottom of the lash in the glue or you will get a glob.) Add from 3 to 6 lashes at the outer corners of each eye. This look is very sexy and flirty without looking overdone. The few extra lashes will really open up your eyes and give your whole face life.
“For a slightly sparkly, glossy look, apply a very sheer shimmer shadow to the lids that will brighten your eyes. Use a sheer cheek color and deep Bordeaux red lipstick or rich, berry lip stain. If you want to add a beauty mark for fun, dip the tip of a tiny brush into liquid eyeliner and make a little circle where you’d like to see a beauty mark. After it dries, lightly powder over it to keep it in place.

For a lovely, smoldering makeup look:

Another very pretty look for Valentine’s Day is a smoldering eye with matte face and mouth. It’s very clean and romantic. Unlike a smokey eye, in which dark shadow is smudged all over the lid, a smoldering eye calls for just enough dark shadow at the ends to soften your look and make your eyes pop. Use pale pink shadow on the lid, and sheer, smoldering charcoal at the corner ends of the eyes. (Best to apply this with a chiseled fluff brush or shadow crease brush.) You can also add a little bit under the eye. Be sure to use a light touch. And remember, the key to the smoldering eye is to make sure before you apply any color that your eyelid is gently powdered with a neutral powder, because any oil will grab dark color and create an inconsistency.
“Next, apply mascara and comb and groom your eyebrows. For a nice, matte mouth, use a deep ruby lip color. Heavy glossy lips will detract from your dramatic, smoldering eyes. If you have ruddy skin, choose a warmer, yellow red. In general, though, jewel- toned lipsticks look great on everyone and they happen to match the theme of the day!”
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