Are you wondering what is happening in the entertainment scene? Are you up for a major concert? Then brace yourself.


50 cent is to perform in Kampala in September for a major concert, according to the Kenyan News paper, Daily post.


Word on the street has it that 50 Cent famed for his hit 'Window shopper' and 'Get Rich or Die Trying' is expected in Uganda for a major concert.


Recently 50 cent was in Kenya for a charity show and got to explore the country and help out the needy. A promoter would have convinced him to organize a show in the country for his avid fans.


Apparently, 50 cent will be performing in Kampala, Uganda in September. He is slated to perform during the country's 50 year anniversary since the country attained independence.


Not long ago, news had it that American rapper Sisqo will also perform in August.

It seems that Uganda has become the pearl of showbiz.

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