The 8th annual Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), running from 7 to 14 December 2011 in Dubai, will be showcasing 171 films from 56 nations - two of which are Tunisian films. (Source: Tunis Live)


The second Tunisian film to be screened is La Khaoufa Baada Al'Yaoum (No More Fear), by Mourad Ben Cheikh. The film will be competing in the Muhr Arab Documentary section. The film, which has already enjoyed international exposure - its first screening was at the Cannes Festival this year - is one of the first works to touch upon the Tunisian revolution which occurred earlier this year, shedding light on popular uprisings that shook Tunisia. The film traces the events prior to and following president Ben Ali's ousting on January 14th through the eyes of Human Rights Lawyer Radhia Nasraoui, blogger Lina Ben Mhenni, and journalist Karem Cherif.


Tunisian films are generally well represented internationally. Indeed, in this year alone, Tunisian films have been screened at the Tunisian Film Festival in Paris, the Mediterranean Film Festival in Rome, and Toronto's International Film Festival, to name but a few.

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