Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA - The first 'Tropics And Friends' session took place on Saturday 24 August on Twitter (@TropicsMagazine) with Multi Award-Winning Fashion Designer, AFUA SAM. She answered questions from international users and fans who joined her aroun 9:30 (EST/Washington DC time) on Twitter to discuss the success of her label and her vision for the future of African Fashion.


First to showcase for this 'Tropics And Friends' session was Multiple Award-Winning and highly sought after Ghanaian Fashion Designer, AFUA SAM, who is the Founder and brain behind STUDIO D’MAXSI, one of the fastest growing fashion houses based in the Washington, DC. Unique, innovative, and edgy AFUA SAM of STUDIO D’MAXSI creates masterpieces for the chic and funky modern woman.

Born to a family of six, remarkably self-taught, AFUA SAM draws her creative inspiration from her late musician father and determination from her mother. She attributes her Ghanaian roots and rich culture as one of her many inspirations for the creation of her designs. Our guest knocked this session out of the park on a variety of topics around Design, Fashion, Style and Entrepreneurship. 

Below is Fashion Designer, AFA SAM, answers to her fans' questions:


Q1: Good morning How are you feeling this morning?We're all settled, just waiting for our time to come.

A.S-> Greetings to all u BEAUTIFUL FANS! I am excited about this tweeterview! Thank you 4 the opportunity to interact with me!
Q2: We are so honoured to host you. How's the weather like in Washington DC this morning? Are you enjoying the ?
A.S-> yes I am! The weather is beautiful and I actually hate that the summer is coming to an end!
Thank you very much for having me! Feeling great!!
Q3: "Tell me your story, where did it all start for you?" Joselya Marcelle (Rep. of Congo)
AS-> It started from Ghana, my homeland. I grew up facing many challenges and never thought I would come this far. But thank God I found fashion and it saved my life!!
Q4: "How do you determine colour and fabric selection for your collections." Fauntee (United Kingdom) .
A.S-> Thank you . I'm glad you ask about color and fabric. My choices are based on the inspiration and the theme of the collection.
Q5: "Your new collection is designed for the red carpet. If you could dress anyone, who would it be?" Waiting for the chat
A.S-> If I have to dress any celebrity , it will be Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama.
Q6:  .... "Afua where do you get your inspiration from as regards to shape and colour?" Veronica Fairhust (United Kingdom)
A.S-> Mostly from everything around me but, really, I have a brain like a drawing board. I am constantly producing new crazy designs. Choosing color usually depends on my mood.
Q7: A question for Afua Sam : "What advice does she give to young & emerging designers/stylists Congrats to her!" Badiams Stylist (United Kingdom)
A.S-> @ BadiamsStylist my advice 2 young designers is learn your craft,be inspired, be unique,
Get involved in your community with your talent. And let giving-back be a part of your journey to the top.
Q8: My Qs for & :"Do you prefer designing for the male or female market? Males are crying out for you." Anderson Rey (South Africa).
A.S-> Thank you Anderson. As for now, I design mostly for women, but there is going to be D'MAXSI men for sure! Stay Tuned.
Q9: "It must be hard to constantly renewing yourself. What keeps you going?" Jennifer PrincessAccess (France)
A.S-> I LOVE what I do and I enjoy having fun with it. That's what keeps me going!
Q10: "How long have you been a designer, and how would you describe your designs/style?" Nicole Na (Silver Spring, MD)
A.S-> I have been a designer since my teenage years and 4 words that describe my design style: BOLD, CLASSY,CHIC and SEXY!
Q11: "What inspires most of your designs & what is the future of African fashion according to you?" KUZU Space Africa (Cape Town, South Africa)
A.S-> My inspiration comes from everything around me, for instance traveling. The future of African fashion is more than huge. There is a LOT of talent in Africa.
Hopefully, my story as an African Designer will inspire up and coming African designers.
Q12: To wrap up our session, this afternoon, we'd like to give it up to you for all your achievements . Any closing note?
A.S-> Well, I look forward to D'MAXSI becoming a household name all over the world!!!!
:-) you are most welcome! It was my pleasure and I had fun! Thank you so much for organizing this! ANd hopefully, I will see you in South Africa for the next Fashion Adventure!!
Thank you to all the fans and all who participated all over the world!! Please feel free to tweet other questions if any!


To learn more about AFUA SAM or her fashion brand, please go to her official website: ; Follow her on Twitter: @dmaxsi.


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