Every March 11th, I make a mental note that it’s Tropics Magazine’s

birthday. No parties, no noise but just a deep satisfaction that I have

been doing what I love for quite a long time now.

The truth is I couldn’t feel any better about doing this job than I

already do. That meant 2010 represented my 7th year in the media

industry but my 1st year as an independent Multimedia journalist.

By far, the coolest thing of being an Editorial Director is the fact that

I get to help make people’s dreams come true. You have no idea

how many letters (and now emails, Facebook, Tweets…) we get from

grateful readers whose stories have appeared in the magazine. They

always say that it has been a life changing experience to be

recognized by an international publication, and they are overjoyed

that we have given that to them.

On this second birthday, we just want to say THANK YOU to the entire

staff; they have been putting together an incredible job by reporting

from Africa, Europe, America and now Asia too. Thank you sincerely

to all the fans/readers for the love, consideration and most of all, their

fidelity and presence on social networks. As Doris Lessing said once:

“A simple grateful thought turned heavenwards is the most perfect


Let us toast to a second wonderful editorial year full of emotions and

amazing surprises. Please do not forget that you can do anything, but

not everything. Find your path and excel in it. Wishing you all the best

and until next time, keep well and ‘Stay Tropics, Always!’


Vénicia Guinot

Editorial Director & Founder




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