Regal and elegant, the ThandiWrap is ideal for both experienced and first time wrappers. Its unique hat and wrap combination ensures a practical and simple to wear solution that easily addresses many women's hairdressing experiences, be it:-• A belief statement - expression of age, religion, marital status or class
• A fashion statement - expression of Style
• An identity... statement - expression of self definition
• A confidence statement - expression of self assurance (hair loss, bad hair days, increase height and create a regal stature)

Furthermore, the ThandiWrap:-
• Fits all sizes
• Suits all hair types (Afro or Caucasian), staying in place with no fuss or slips
• Comes in various designs and fabric textures to suit all seasonal changes
• Is designed to ensure minimum tension to the head
• Stays comfortably in place for hours with no fuss
• Is low-maintenance - crease-proof, hand and machine washable
• Is portable and flexible. Ultra soft fabric allow for easy packaging/storage
• Is an affordable, easy and natural complimentary alternative to perms, weaves, wigs and braids
• Is made to suit any occasion and style! – from weddings and celebrity events to boardrooms or ladies’ lunch and for the more solemn look
• Is manufactured to the highest standards with minimum wastage, fair trade, an environmental and social conscience at the heart of production

Simple! It is the very first of its kind – Say goodbye to bad hair days and endless hours worrying about your hair. Say hello to the ThandiWrap .

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