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There's been a lot of "tooling around Brentwood" maxidress action from everyone's favorite German supermodel recently. From a fashion point of view, it's been less than riveting.

Don't get us wrong: It's not that we expect the Project Runway bombshell to be all dolled up 'round the clock, especially when she's been weathering a very public separation and tending to her stunning brood, but we must admit, part of us likes to think that Heidi Klum wakes up all jawdroppingly bedheady, takes off those Victoria Secret wings (they sleep in those right?) and throws on one of the 3,000 ridiculously glam get-ups hanging in her dressing suite, just to tell someone else to go out and buy more milk. This recent look, modeled on a trip to New York, satisfyingly backs up said theory.

The Hair: Klum's slicked back 'do and brazen scarlet lips lend a sleek yet '90s polish—like she's a graduate from the Robert Palmer back-up dancer school of beauty. In two words: simply irresistible.

The Dress: Quite possibly the least forgiving item of clothing one could attempt, Klum's painted-on polka-dotted stretch mini flatters against all odds. The long sleeves temper the skintight fit for an effect that says, "Yes, I'm perfect and also classy. Any questions?"

The Shoes: Sexy and sort of magical, like Cinderella's fairy godmother and Manolo Blahnik launched a capsule collection.


Article: Melissa Goldstein

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