Legendary musician, Jimi Hendrix, who died aged just 27, has been named as the greatest guitarist in history by Rolling Stone magazine in a list of great guitarists compiled by music experts. (Source: BIzCommunity)




Grammy Award guitarist Tom Morello cites Hendrix's Purple Haze and Star Spangled Banner as two of the most outstanding tracks ever recorded. Hendrix is joined by Eric Clapton, BB King and Keith Richards among the Top Ten.


The panel of experts included musicians such as Lenny Kravitz, Eddie van Halen, Brian May and Dan Auerbach along with a panel of Rolling Stone's senior writers and editors.


The editors weighed in with their own favourites with Pearl Jam's Mike Mccready calling Eddie van Halen a "master of riffs" and Joe Perry praising Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page as "transcending stereotypes of what the guitar can do".

The list is contained in the latest issue of Rolling Stone.

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