The City of Cape Town has partnered with Grand West Casino to host a charity concert, titled Love The Children, to raise funds for the Mayoral Special Fund. The Mayoral Special Fund is the city's charity fund to assist, inter alia, victims of emergencies or disasters, individuals or organisations experiencing hardships and supporting causes that promote the city's values. (Source: Biz Community)"My office is inundated with requests for financial assistance for worthy causes by individuals and organisations doing an incredible job to build a more caring city. Many of these requests are from poor families struggling to bury their loved ones or organisations taking care of children with special needs. Currently the city is unable to help all the people who need our help simply because we don't have enough for everybody," says Patricia de Lille, mayor of Cape Town.


"It is through partnerships with the private sector and civil society that we can all lay the foundation for less privileged individuals to build a prosperous life. I'm grateful that Grand West Casino is equally committed to building a caring city and hope that this will be the beginning of closer co-operation with the city to uplift less fortunate communities. I encourage Capetonians to show their support for charity by buying the tickets for the concert," De Lille continues.


Appeal to all Capetonian's support

The chairperson of Sun West International, owners of Grand West Casino, Hassen Adams says the charity concert is part of its commitment to effect positive change in poor communities. "Since December 2000, Grand West CSI has been committed to uplifting local communities and positively impacting on the lives of individuals through projects such as the Peninsula School Feeding Association's Blisters for Bread fundraiser, UCT's Shawco mobile TB clinics, the Red Cross emergency mobile kitchens and other equally deserving initiatives. We would now like to appeal to all Capetonians to join us in reaching out to the youth of this city. Through supporting the Love our Children concert and programme we can better equip and provide for tomorrow's generation."

The Dr Victor and Rasta Rebels concert in aid of Love the Children Concert will take place at the Grand West Grand Arena on 15 December 2011. The top three finalists of the SA Pop Idols 2011 competition namely Crushandra Forbes, Mark Haze and eventual winner Dave van Vuuren will perform alongside Dr Victor and the Rasta Rebels and Capetonian comedian Kurt Schoonraad.

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