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For starters, she’s the sister of Beyonce Knowles and yet she’s known as “the cool one.” You know Beyonce, the pop star Forbes routinely includes in their Most Powerful list? Married to Jay Z? Personal friend of Gwyneth and Barack Obama? Yeah that’s Solange’s sister. Beyond that though, we’re huge fans of Solange’s seemingly effortless brand of downtown cool, and the way she translates her genre-bending musical approach to her own eclectic fashion code. Let's break it down.

The Dress:
A Christopher Kane shade of fearless yellow, Solange’s pleated mini dress clashes in the best way possible with her leopard print coat, like she was on her way to a tennis match but decided to go dancing instead.

The Clutch:
Hot pink—because now that we think about it, why would you opt for anything else when there’s an opportunity for another pop of color? A sleek envelope style, it likely contains a lipstick and a phone with Kanye’s number in it. Awesome.

The Shoes:
An open-toed and fancy free sandal whose regal purple and burnt orange details are the missing piece in this expertly hued ensemble. Plus, they’re low enough for running through New York city streets in that urgent way that fabulous people do.


Article: Melissa Goldstein.

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