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In the recent interview at the WOWP Press conference, Sel indicated she may put her music career on hold next year in favor of acting. She said she is going to try to balance both. Early next year she has two movie shoots coming up. One for Spring Breakers and the other one for her own produced movie for Thirteen Reasons Why.


“I’m very happy and pleased with how well the record did and I’m so thankful that radio and everybody is still being so supportive. Next year I’ll be starting to do more acting, I’ll be doing two films in the beginning and then I’ll probably go back to singing. I’ll balance them.”


Asked if she would ever become a director she said, “No!, I will stay in front of the camera!”


Do you think Sel’s acting career after Wizards will take off next year or should she stick with music?


~Press release: selena Gomez Official website

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