Though Rwandans have taken a step to ensure quality education like sending their children to school and participating in 'one laptop per child' program, Rwandans reading habit is still low, according to some findings. of reading habit limits the number of people to know the written information from either newspaper, government gazettes, health books, feature stories and other knowledgeable books.

Though many Rwandans have been characterized by lack of reading habits, the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) has decided to encourage young children to embrace reading not only for examination purposes but read for general information.


The American embassy in Rwanda has provided about 500 books to be given to different people to be read and discussed as everyone who reads is required to make a suggestion about what was written.

These books will be given to secondary school students, University students, teachers, journalists and others and those who will get these books will be required to give feed backs.


Ambassador Donald Koran said that they are happy to support MINEDUC in its program to promote reading habits. He believes that reading provides one with information and knowledge and be able to use these suggestions elsewhere and sometimes he/she can start writing.


Sharon Habba the government secretary in the Ministry of Education while in the interview with the independent newspaper of Uganda said that reading habit in Rwanda is still low but with the support of the American Embassy, they hope to increase the number of Rwandans who like to read as reading provides information on government development and financial status and how to develop it.


Foreigners who teach in Rwanda say that most Rwandans don't like reading and that students only read for examination purposes and many people like listening than reading yet more information and knowledge is got from reading.


Lack of reading habits limits the development of writing habit, and in order to solve this young people should be encouraged to read by being given many books and summaries and reviews. This can also teach students many other language not only in spoken but in understanding and in writing them.


Adults are encouraged to buy and read newspapers and books for their families so that they can know and discuss about what was written as it helps the young ones to grow with interest in reading and discussing and therefore having more knowledge.


Source: News of Rwanda

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