Residents of Goma have a sigh of relief as rebels of the M23 start to move out of the Goma town, which they had captured two weeks ago, taking control of the most resourceful towns in the republic of Congo. indicate that the rebels have finally agreed to abide by the Great lakes region security conference held in Kampala, Uganda in which they were asked to withdraw their forces in 48 hours. The rebels will be required to move out 20kilometers away from Goma.

Mayombo Omari Fikira, the Goma regional chief, said that the retreat of M23 was highly welcomed by the government and it will pave way for peace in the area and enable residents to resume their daily activities

Jean Marie Runinga, the M23 president says that the retreat process will take at least four days.

Rwanda Foreign minister and government spokesperson, Loiuse Mushikiwabo, said that the process of having the rebel retreat from Goma town was so far being abided with and it was going on smoothly.

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