Zimbabweans are determining their own destiny in today's referendum as the country moves towards constitutionalism.

http://allafrica.com/download/pic/main/main/csiid/00131831:a5bfbaa75d168187289b2a25ce6d73fc:arc495x324:w495:us1.jpgSpeaking after casting his vote at Chaminuka Primary School, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said; "What is significant is that the people of Zimbabwe are not outsourcing their destiny to somebody else. We have defined this for ourselves and I hope it sets in a new political dispensation; from the culture of impunity to constitutionalism," he said.

The Premier was accompanied by his wife, Elizabeth, said he was happy that he had participated in one of the most important historic steps since the constitutional movement was launched.

"This is a journey that we have travelled and those whom we have lost along the way will rest in peace because this is what we have been fighting for," he said.

The Premier urged Zimbabweans to exercise their right to vote peacefully.




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