1.     Hi Clara, can you please introduce yourself and your company to our audience?


My name is Clara Alexander and I am the CEO for Real Hair by Clara. 


2.     Why the name Real Hair, what’s the inspiration behind the brand name Real hair by Clara?


Real hair by Clara was founded in 2007. Funnily enough it took some deliberation to come up with the name. We wanted to ensure that the name of the company reflected the ethos of the company. I had a dream to build a truly inspirational business which would allow women from all backgrounds to earn a living referring something that every woman loves to have … which is have great hair.     Are you just specialised in doing hair, or do you manufacture your brand hair products too?


Real hair by Clara is a luxury brand of hair extensions and hair extension products that offer women the opportunity to operate a full or part time business selling our hair and hair care products as a Real Hair by Clara Representative. This means that everyday women are given the opportunity to earn extra income by simply joining our network of consultants as a Real hair by Clara Representative, and referring our virgin and Brazilian hair and products to other women. On an annual basis we set out to sponsor and attend events.  When we do events such as African fashion week and the Music, Video and Screen Awards, we demonstrate the quality and versatility of our products on models and celebrities through our styling team. 


4.     Do you have salons across the national territory?


We have Salons which stock our products; however we work primarily by word of mouth. I believe this is the best form of advertising one can get.  When you hear good things about a product or service from a friend or family member, you are more likely to purchase.  


5.     Is your customer database limited, or your salons are open to every member of the public?

Real Hair by Clara operates via a great network of independent consultants. Independent consultants can be anyone wanting to earn money by simply referring products to others. The realty of this business is that the hair is there for everyone to see. I can’t tell you how many referrals I have personally attracted just by wearing Real Hair by Clara. It’s a truly revolutionary concept and our network of consultants earns over 500 pounds a month just from wearing Real Hair by Clara.


6.     Does Real Hair by Clara cater for all types of ethnic hair?

Yes we do. Our ranges include hair for weaving, clip in extensions and pieces, wigs and lace wigs. We specialise in custom made wigs which is definitely a growing business. With Real Hair by Clara you can get any style you want.


7.     Apart from hair services, what other services do you provide in your company?

Real Hair by Clara has a keen focus on development this is why we provide, training to our consultants on a regular basis. Training can be anything from business acumen, to marketing, personal development and image consultancy.  Asides from our sponsorship initiatives, we organise business opportunity events. Where individuals have the opportunity to meet, learn how to run a successful business and network with entrepreneurs or likeminded individuals. Anyone wanting more information about us, what we do and are looking for ways to earn extra income, can visit us at Socially, do you carry out activities to support any charitable causes?

We are constantly looking for ways to give back and charitable causes to back. To date we have been involved in cancer initiatives, homeless initiatives and activities which help children. This is an area which is particularly close to my heart.


9. What are the difficulties you face in promoting your products and services, with the current and very rapid business trends in place? (For example, the serious tight economic season, the expansion and competition with cheaper hair products and accessories from abroad?)


The economic situation is difficult for most of us. I personally tend to find that business is becoming more and more ruthless. It’s difficult to know who to trust which was not really the case in the good old days. With Real Hair by Clara, what we offer is true value for money. This year we introduced our everyday woman range. This is our most affordable range.  Women now have the ability to wear luxury hair extensions at a very reasonable price. The most important thing is for us is that we have not cut corners to do this. We have been very strategic in our approach and our unique distribution model allows us to cut out the middle men whilst still providing a quality luxury brand to our customers. This is what sets us apart from our competition and allows us to retain and grow our customer base.


10.  Finally, any word to anyone looking forward to following your steps in this business?


I believe in business you have to put one foot in front of the other to move forward. Anyone wanting to do business must first believe in themselves and second believe in what they are doing and I would like to end with a quote that remains at the heart of Real Hair by Clara today and that is, ‘All our dreams can come true - if we have the courage to pursue them’



Thank you very much to have accepted working with us, on this very determining edition of our Magazine.

We wish you more courage and would much more appreciate working with you again in the future.

    Questionnaire written by Valerie Sosso Moukouelle

Tropics Magazine London Based Official Correspondent

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