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Viewers              Heavy increase of readers

We are delighted to inform that since Supermodel Dji Dieng has joined Tropics Magazine as Deputy Editor-in-Chief Fashion combined with the marketing efforts of our partner Seccor Holding S.A., the number of views has increased from some 150'000 clicks per month to over 4'640'000 clicks per month.

That is a great achievement and we will continue to amaze our readers with some more fashion, music and cultural highlights these coming months..

Tropics Magazine has positioned itself among the most frequented online fashion and culture magazine.

Editor-in-Chief, Venicia Guinot will reveal the company's business strategy to get from an online magazine to a print magazine soon.

About Tropics Magazine

Tropics Magazine, the first bi-lingual (English & French) online magazine from Africa which caters to a global community of African, European, American and Asian fashionistas and trendsetters.

2011 CNN MultiChoice Awards Nominee (Digital Journalism Award & Arts and Culture Award)
2011 BEFFTA Awards Nominee (Magazine of the year Award)


Publication:  Monthly

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