Knicks legend Patrick Ewing is at Madison Square Garden tonight as an assistant coach for the visiting Orlando Magic and apparently he's decided to make his presence known. a conversation with’s Ian O’Connor, Ewing admitted he’d welcome the opportunity to coach the Knicks.

“I’d be interested in any job, but this is home, naturally,” Ewing said. “I still have my place here (in New Jersey), and I’d love to interview for any job, here or anywhere.

"I think I've paid my dues," Ewing continued. "I've been an assistant coach for eight, going on nine years, and I'd love to have an opportunity to get an interview.

"I've put in the work. I've learned from a lot of very good coaches in Stan (Van Gundy), Jeff (Van Gundy), and Doug Collins, and I've played for a lot of great coaches. All I need is an opportunity, and once I get that opportunity, hopefully I'll be successful."

O’Connor rightly pointed out that Ewing has been labeled as a “big-man specialist,” but the 11-time NBA All-Star insists he’s more than that as a coach.

"I can coach anybody," he said. "Jeff worked with me when he was an assistant coach, and was he a big man's coach?”

Ewing did interview for the Detroit Pistons job this year—a position that interim Knicks coach Mike Woodson interviewed for but ultimately went to former New Jersey Nets coach Lawrence Frank—and the former Dream Teamer said both Van Gundy brothers have been “fighting” for his chance to be an NBA head coach.

Before anyone accuses Ewing of being disrespectful to Woodson, it’s worth nothing that he said the Knicks coach is doing an “outstanding job” this year.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that Woodson, who entered the night with a 7-1 record in New York, will definitely be back in 2012-2013.

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