Ottawa Fashion Week is a platform for national and international designers and artists to showcase their work and talent. Over the course of six seasons, OFW has grown into an avenue of expression, creativity, and innovation. OFW is a means of uniting the community in their appreciation of the latest trends in design and art. The event also strives to serve as a business opportunity for members of the art and fashion industries as well as to provide a venue for growth for designers and artists.

The city of Ottawa is filled with style conscious individuals who continually seek new and innovative ways to experience fashion. Each season, designers taking part in OFW meet this demand by presenting designs that combine sophistication with creativity. OFW continues to remain true to its founding mandate of promoting arts in the community by providing a creative outlet for art forms such as photography, music and film as well as fashion.

The pursuit of artistic expression in all its forms is a defining element in the success of Ottawa Fashion Week.

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