Nokia is promoting its flagship Lumia with nail polish to match the new pink 900 model. The "Nokia Lumia Pink" polish, designed by Duality Cosmetics, looks to be even more limited than the AT&T-exclusive pink phone itself: it's only available at one-day pop-up salons in Dallas, Denver, and Los Angeles, where Nicki Minaj nail stylist Kandi Banks will offer pink, possibly phone-themed manicures and pedicures. The first date has come and gone; future salons are planned over the coming week.

As with the previous Nicki Minaj concert, this isn't really designed to set up direct sales like Samsung's mobile stores. Instead, it's somewhere between a standard publicity event and a push to raise awareness outside the traditional tech circles. Thankfully, Nokia has also avoided the trap of describing this as a way to get women as a group interested in phones: instead, it's simply asking "Nokia fans" to come play with the 900 while getting a manicure. Unfortunately, the cyan, black, and white models do not appear to have matching polish.

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