Gaga has recently stated that she plans to go on a very long break from the media. The controversial star was recently intrerviewed by Oprah Winfrey, and she stated that after the interview airs she will not talk to anymore press for a long time.  The interview with Oprah is planned to be televised on Sunday March 18.


She has recently stated “No press, no television.” She said that since her meteroic rise to fame in 2008 she has not read one single newspaper, magazine or listened to any rumours about her.


Lady GaGa has broken a lot of records, and she recently became the first person on Twitter to reach 20 million followers.  The 'Born This Way' star has often been compared to Madonna and she recently launched a campaign to combat bullying and social exclusion in society.  She has been strongly criticised for some of her controversial performances however, the star says she does not care what people think.  She says she plans on taking a break from the media for a very long time, and she will not be talking to any members of the press.


GaGa kicks of her 2012 world tour in South Korea on April 27.

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