Washington D.C May 26 & 27:

More than 800 Guineans and friends of Guinea came together during memorial week-end for the 8TH annual Guinean soccer tournament. A brief history of the tournament as told by its founding President Macky Dieng can be written as follow:


"From the red hills of Georgia, a movement that will forever change the face of a community rose from among the young and the brightest. It was in the summer of 2004 that a small group of individuals came up with the idea of organizing a soccer tournament as a form of assembling the entire Guinean community. In eight years, the tournament has become a much anticipated event throughout the nation, slowly capturing the minds and hearts of all soccer fans. It has become the number one event every year that everyone regardless of ethnicity, age, gender or religion looks forward to. Its goal is to unite all  Guineans living in the United States through the love they share for sport using soccer as a symbol of hope and integration". Macky Dieng!!!!

This year in Washington, D.C,  11 states  participated in the tournament: Atlanta, Boston,Connecticut, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Philadelphia, Washington D.C and team Canada for their first participation. New  Jersey become the 2012 Tournament Champion and Atlanta placed second. As   we share some of the tournament pictures with you, we are proud to say the Guinean communities living in  North America are united more than ever before. Enjoy!!!!!!!
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