Shaving is something which can be the cause of skin irritations, rashes etc for men. Even if you don’t shave daily it takes time and concentration to get things right and avoid those nicks, cuts or a dull looking skin.

Most men face problems wit their shaving as they don’t take time to do a little preparation for that comfortable shave with no nicks or sore on your skin. Here are a few tips for you to shave properly for a glowing skin and reduce the chances of getting nicks or sores.

  • You should wash your face properly before applying shaving cream on the face. For most men their face may contain little dirt, mud or other foreign materials which can cause problems while shaving if not washed off. A clean face makes it much easier for the shaving blade to operate without causing any problems during or after the shave.
  • You may want to shave in the shower especially if you have stiff hairs as this may soften them and reduce the chances of nicks. If you are short on time and can’t shower before a shave take a washcloth dampened with warm water and put it over your face until it cools.
  • You should use a sharp blade for shaving. Many men face problems with shaving because they don’t use a sharp blade. A sharper blade works well by avoiding uneven cutting, ingrown hair and damaged skin.
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