As a result of the ever-increasing numbers of White and Black rhinos being poached in South Africa, the need to pool resources and co-ordinate activities has resulted in KwaZulu-Natal’s leading conservation agencies joining forces with provincial game reserves to fast-track urgently needed anti-poaching and conservation interventions.

Launched on World Rhino Day 2011, (22 September), this association of like-minded organisations, collectively known as Project Rhino KZN, allows for over-arching co-ordination of rhino conservation interventions aimed at eliminating rhino poaching and securing the rhino populations in KZN. members of Project Rhino KZN also recognise that the work in conserving and protecting rhinos from poaching is symbolic of the threat faced by all wildlife, which will benefit from actions taken by Project Rhino KZN. Furthermore it is noted that the poaching of rhino is indicative of the larger environmental crisis that South Africa is facing.

Project Rhino KZN brings together organisations with a common vision and goal, identifies synergies through an integrated, common approach, and collectively, is a representative body which carries powerful leverage ability.  With over 300 years of collective experience, Project Rhino KZN has been able to identify priority rhino protection needs for KZN, and is working together to fulfill them.  If you would like to help protect KZN’s rhinos, please click here for details on the members’ efforts and where your assistance is needed.

This provincial initiative has the full endorsement of Dr Ian Player, one of the world’s foremost conservationists, founder of the Wilderness Foundation and co-founder of the Magqubu Ntombela Trust, and widely credited with saving the White Rhino from extinction in the 1960’s.

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