The nine-item skincare treatment line rides on the philosophy of East meeting West, with a touch of fabulosity, of course! In her interview with WWD, she explains the concept:

"This line is about their Eastern allure of diet and beautiful skin. It’s based on cultures that live from the sea,” she said, ticking a list of ingredients such as fish oil, pearl powder, omegas, beta glucan, mushroom and Wakame kelp extract. Using whimiscal names like Pore It Out to describe a pore concealer; Watch Your Tone, an antiage peptide toner; Wrinkle Shrink, a wrinkle eraser product, and Hold It Tight, an anticellulite cream doesn't hide the fact that there is definitely technology backing up nature's cureall ingredients. "The Western [influence] is the medicine, the efficacy, the delivery and the clinical results. That’s why we call this Shinto Clinical; this is really a clinical range," she told WWD.

Shinto, which means of the gods, was co-created by New York dermatologist Eric Schweiger, targets women aged 25 to 45 and ill also be sold in Nordstrom. Prices range from $59 to $65.

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