The Kenya Defence Forces currently securing the port city of Kismayu in Somalia have reportedly unearthed a grave and recovered an undisclosed number of bodies.

The unofficial report from the frontline is that bodies have been found, but their identities are yet to be established. DNA tests are to be conducted to identify the bodies.

Prior to the capture of the port city, the last stronghold of the al Shabaab militia, it was reported that the militants had killed some soldiers of the Amisom troops and dragged four bodies through the streets of Kismayu. It is yet unknown whether the recovered bodies are the soldiers are among the bodies that have been discovered.

Since the start of the war against the al Shabaab the KDF has lost 22 soldier and four are unaccounted for. The terrorist group is also still holding captive two Kenyan government officials who they abducted from a police post in Wajir in January this year.

Written by: Eugene OKUMU - Kenya


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