Rap producer Kanye West has conquered the world of music, but he’s having a little trouble convincing the world’s fashionistas to take him seriously as a designer.

Narcissists think very highly of themselves, but Kanye isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill narcissist.

Just to prove he’s the next Marc Jacobs, Kanye packed his things and moved to Europe — and he plans to stay there until the other fashion designers stop laughing at him behind his back.

Last week, Kanye debuted his DW collection during Paris fashion week. His designs, inspired by his late mother Donda West, barely evoked mention by the fashion critics. But the media did buzz about the shoes his models were wearing.


The pearl-adorned, ivory-beaded stilettos were designed especially for DW’s models by Giuseppe Zanotti.

And now you can own an exclusive pair for only $5,800.

According to US Weekly, the French retailer Colette Paris has listed the fashion-forward heels, made of calf leather and embroidered pearls, for $5,800 USD.

Kanye will debut his Fall/Winter 2012 DW collection during fashion week on March 5.

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