Guy Gore is an anti-racism and discrimination activist. He is our guest today so he can share with us his professional advice and his productions, all in 5 minutes!
Guy Gore has produced many films and among all we recall a short film entitled 'Navy and Marine', a very striking film in which Cynthia "Phoenix" Ba acts as Marine Leblanc and decides to show the struggle of actors of color abroad. Here we go!

1) Thank you for accepting our invitation. Please tell us a little bit about your background?

My name is Guy Gore. I'm from French Caribbean and I lived in Sarcelles near Paris. I lost my job in 2001 when I have to denounce racism actions in the company. I then created a brand of clothes called 'Double G' with 11 antiracist maxims printed above. I have made caricatures on the french and foreign political situation and published 2 comic strips on the discrimination movements which led short films production.


2) Was it difficult as a man of color getting into the industry at that time?

Yes and no because nothing is easy in life.

3) What were the main roadblocks that would be thrown up? Was it something that was clearly evident or was there a subterfuge to it?

The absence of financial means, contacts, the fact of being novice to the industry were some of the main tough barriers I had to confront. It took time for people to start noticing my work. But I kept pushing and people started following my vision and since then everything came right on track.

4) Do you believe it was just a matter of persistence that you finally broke through?

Yes perseverance finished to pay. There were some days when I had to keep my hopes very high and I am glad that I am now able to harvest the fruit of my work.

5) Compared to today will you say it's easier for men to get into the industry today? Or do you think the opposition is less blatant than it was then?

Let's just say, time tells it all. You need to improve your work as long as you can even though there is still a lot to achieve. That's the only way you can let people get used to you and your poductions. If you follow this path correctly, you will soon acknowledge that there is a space for everyone and at the same time it's a great battle that you have to win at the end of the day. I did it, so can you!
6) Predominantly are you brought into projects or do you find projects?

It depends but mostly I am the one who comes with projects ideas and then develop them up to the completion stage.

7) Are you involved in other activities within the movie industry?

I also do the scriptwriting-dialogwriting of most of my movies. Thus it is a more complex task to accomplish but I am always making sure everything turns out smoothly from the beginning until the end of the project.

8) Do you have upcoming projects? If not, what is your closing note?

Talking about upcoming projects, I will be glad to produce a film on sickle-cell disease. This is an underestimated disease all around the world and yet it is spreading widely. This idea rose from a testimony of an infected child I met  and what an overhelming moment we had.
Thank you to all the readers for their time and don't forget: 'Believe in your dreams and in humanity!"



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