Umbrellas can protect your hair and upper part of your body but no matter what you do if it’s raining and you are outdoors your feet always come in contact with rain. Even if you are wearing closed shoes, wash your feet properly. A regular soap is usually sufficient but in case your feet are more sensitive and prone to getting infections, go for anti-bacterial soaps. These medicated soaps are more effective but at the same time should be used only after consulting a dermatologist. your feet dry and cleaning them properly ought to be done irrespective of the season. But during monsoons, right after washing them use antifungal foot powder. To avoid allergies, you should take advice from dermatologist first.

Like leather shoes should be hidden during this wet season, your synthetic socks should also be kept out of your sight. A pair of cotton socks is better as it is a breathable fabric and won’t stick to your feet.

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