NEW YORK, NY – (January 30, 2011) – Inspired by the passion, ingenuity and robust style of Africa, comes a combination of content and e-commerce in emerging online retail site, Heritage 1960. The curated view of global African fashion and lifestyle enables consumers to shop for a variety of brands and products from budding designers and local market finds. Heritage 1960 is the superior online retail destination that links consumers to the African continent, in the least of expected ways.


Named after The Year of Africa, Heritage 1960 is a celebratory site that imbues freedom, individuality and style. Each curated collection has a story to intimately connect the consumer with the brand. Through a perfected blend of editorial content and e-commerce, the buyer is able to 1.Read it. 2.Love it. 3. Buy it, all on While the editorial content component of Heritage 1960 has been live since the spring, on February 9th 2012, the e-commerce platform will launch. Each week, consumers will discover one new brand or collection of products, accompanied with storied content relating the collection back to Africa, in order to convey a panoramic view of Africa's influence on global fashion and design.  Shop collections by Jewel by Lisa, The Summit, Holst + Lee, Chapel, Steffani Roup, and more!

 Heritage 1960 has charged itself to expose Africa’s rich and diverse cultural history, support creative entrepreneurs of African descent, and foster economic growth along Africa’s creative value chain. “I’m passionate about viewing Africa from a global perspective”, says Heritage 1960 Creative Director Enyinne Owunwanne. “I wanted to stay away from the expected ‘wax prints’ and ‘tribal’ mentions because African fashion and style is so much more than that”, says the former Wall Street staple. “Heritage 1960 is an exciting brand. Our voice and product offerings transcend geographic and cultural boundaries. Welcome to our year of freedom”.


Heritage 1960 is an online retail destination linking the African continent to consumers worldwide, through a combination of content and e-commerce. For more information, and to shop collections, visit



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