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Hair: What you don't know about braids hairstyles

Micro braid hairstyles are very popular especially among African Americans, both women and men. This hairstyle can give you several options for styling and it is low maintenance. You can tie it in a ponytail or let it loose, there are simpler and more complicated hairdos depending on your purpose.


http://static.becomegorgeous.com/img/arts/2009/Dec/11/1617/hadpinkettmicrobraids_thumb.jpgThose who choose this hairstyle bring a long-term decision, that's why it is useful to know about tips on how to create more and more hairstyles of micro braids.

In order to maintain it correctly, you must include in your daily routine shampooing and thorough conditioning. In the summer it is perfect for those who have long and unmanageable hair. Contact a professional if you want to get the best out of your braids.

There are several ways to style micro braids. You can wear it loose, completed with hair extensions for more volume. You'll have a natural look, it is also called invisible braid, because they start right at the roots and create the appearance that your hair grows like this. Wearing them in either way you'll have a modern and sophisticated look.

Try to cheer up your image with hair accessories, a fresh flower or a hair jewelry can look fabulous with micro braids. Experiment with these tips, whether you have short, medium or long hair, center part or side part.

For a special occasion, choose a partial updo style, it is natural still appropriate for a special occasion. This hairstyle will give femininity to your image and micro braids. Your appearance will radiate beauty, gentleness and elegance. For setting it always use products that are specially designed for your hair type.

Try this hairstyle if you don't want all your hair pulled up into a complete updo. Smooth the top of your hair with your fingers and let loose some strands in front to create either a casual or an elegant look.



A complete updo can look miraculously on a formal event, decorating it with a hair jewelry the result is guaranteed. These micro braids work at your advantage since you don't have to add any volume to your hairstyle.

Carefully styling it, you can create a practical and at the same time elegant look. It's not necessary to contact a professional hair stylist, you can do it easily on your own, following some basic instructions.

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