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'A True American Beauty' – Chris Williams, CEO C-Dub Entertainment

'Msafara; The Swahili word for journey or pioneer. Fits Shaun Better than anyone I know' – Dorothy St.Laurent, Executive AOL Time-Warner



Being the first African-American woman to be 'Crowned'; Ms. San Francisco (98-99) and state selected as, Ms. California (2000), is no easy victory But you'd never know this by witnessing how Shaun Ollison managed to do so with complete style, grace and dignity!

Being brought up in a family of strong leaders where knowledge of their family's ancestry was planted in her at a very early age, it seems only fitting that Shaun would use this platform to reach out to her African brothers and Sisters around the world.

While still crowned a 'California Ms.' Shaun was given the opportunity to become a full fledged International model In Paris, France.

Meaning, Shaun would have to make a very life altering choice; To continue with the next step as a Title holder-

  being present and competing in the 'Ms. USA' pageant or becoming a true artist. Living life as a Top Model and being positioned closer to AFRICA!

For her the choice was clear.  She chose to live...


Since May 2001, Shaun has been based in Europe, working throughout; France, Africa, Dubai, and The United Kingdom. Making time to always rest and stay connected to her family in the US.


As a model Shaun has walked Defile (Runway) for marks such as;



Betsy Johnson

Donna Karan

Ralph Lauren


Marc Jacobs

Nicole Miller


-As well as countless independent designers


Shaun has been chosen to launch Major product campaigns for;

MAC cosmetic, 'Bombshell girl'

MGC international, 'Black Star' beauty range

www.blackmap.com, web-service informatics

Avlon, 'new colours of...' Hair care line

Gillette Leuwat -PARIS

PITANGA Beachwear and intimates


'A timeless treasure, her beauty reminds us of our great Pharaohs... a modern day Cleopatra' – Rajesh, International fashion designer


Shaun Ollison is a beauty queen! And feels her strength as a model lies in her print work. She has been known to shoot for hours on end. Continuing until, both she and the photographer are happy with the images and frame work.

To date, Shaun has been fortunate in working with some of the fashion worlds most renowned and sought after photographers. She has contributed photos, articles and/or graced the covers of International Magazines such as;




The SF Times

The Bostonian

Afro biz


Black Beauty and Hair








New African Woman

Tropics Magazine




-        And numerous publications specific to the African reader


 The Continent, Spirit, and People of Africa continue to be the driving force in the life of, Shaun Ollison.

 She has shown great concern and dedication for issues concerning Africa and has aligned herself with several charitable organizations very dear to her including a school for orphaned children where she is the official 'Ambassador' of the school located in Ouidah, Benin; <The School of Jah>.

She is also the spokesperson and fund raising organizer for a football academy in Abidjan, Ivory coast -The Cyril DOMORAUD  football academy- a task that she takes very


 In 2005 Shaun began creating, conceptualizing, And presenting T.V programs for the European and the African Viewer.

Shaun's T.V works include;

2004- Star Du Demain, Int

A musical competition; the likes of an 'American Idol' specific to the W. Africa region


2005- The Big Ben Show, UK

 Shaun along with a co-host interviewed the UK's rising stars and celebrities in a club/VIP setting


2005/6- International famous entertainers, UK

This program was geared to showcase all of the Afro-Brit elite. Focusing on, Musicians, Models, Entrepreneurs, Footballers, etc.

It was on this program that Shaun was able to try her hand at Producing.


In 2007 Shaun created and launched an On-line T.V program entitled 'Artist in Transit', Int.

This is something very personal for her because, She to is an,

 'Artist in Transit'...

It is this platform which explores every aspect of ones creativity ranging from, Music, and fashion, to dance.

Shaun travels the globe catching up with today's hottest, most interesting stars hoping to shed light on both the artist and their chosen art form in its earliest and most transitional stage.


' Shaun Ollison, A Mannequin engagé' -AMINA magazine, 2006


 Travel has always played a major role in broadening Shaun's understanding, and deepening her knowledge of the world. She specifically seeks to explore the vast differences and similarities within the Black and African communities abroad, Allowing her better insight and know how to accomplish her life's mission;

  Continually help 'Bridge the Gap' within the Black and African community through art, Culture, and understanding.


With the heart of a humanitarian, Supermodel looks, And television presence, Shaun Ollison is not only on the track of becoming one of tomorrow's icon's but possibly becoming one of the worlds most deserved 'Role models'.


' I try to convey, Passion, Beauty, and Truth in all that I do in hopes that my Black and African sisters everywhere will be proud of me and see themselves in my efforts'...  -Shaun Ollison


Ellüre Ja'Tie, 2009










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