Patch on highland, surrounded with fantastic tropic site, mountains and sea beyond, this tropical modern garden and landscape create systematically order consist of zones of relaxing.


At side of house, there is modern simple swimming pool, with whiteness character of natural stones continuous to full open relaxing space to enjoy the sea views. At another corner, bordered with black stones fences, relaxing space created to enjoy expansive views of mountains hills. At another side of house, more intimate garden built, consist of traditional simple gate, pond and orderly white stones track.


The garden and landscape accentuate with palm tree, grouped and combine other tropical plants. Designed by Craig Reynolds landscape architects.


whiteness outdoor swimming pool tropical garden design


white stone tiles tropical pool highland garden

large modern tropical garden pool zone design


plateu modern tropic site landscape outdoor house


pool outdoor hill garden palm trees accentuated


expansive mountains views Jamaican style tropical garden


expansive sea views highland garden landscaping design


lush tropical garden relaxing sense landscape hill


simple innovative traditional garden gate tropical design


white stones track systematically garden tropical order


intimate tropical garden simple pond bench design


modern minimalist garden side house tropical style

continuos large garden zoning innovative decor design


modern private garden tropical stylish landscape design


palm trees accentuate grouped garden tropical plants


black rocks fences garden border expansive tropical

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