tender, moist turkey meatballs do not last long in our kitchen. The moment one of us turns away the other quickly sneaks a meatball and before we know it, all that’s left is an empty pan. The sauce is very simple with crushed canned tomatoes, a little tomato paste and fresh basil. The meatballs are filled with parmesan cheese, parsley and a little oregano. We love these served alone with a dollop of ricotta cheese, over spaghetti or with rustic bread.


Make This Tonight – Tasty Turkey Meatballs Recipe


No lengthy cooking times, no baking and no searing the meatballs. Instead, we start a very simple sauce, bring it to a simmer then focus on forming our meatballs. The moment they’re formed into balls, we drop them into the simmering sauce. Cover and cook for 25 minutes. That’s it.

It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s absolutely delicious.


Tricks to the Best Meatballs – Don’t Over Mix

We’re serious on this one. For the most tender and light meatballs (turkey or beef) you need to have a light touch when mixing and forming. To help with this, we have a couple tricks:

First, combine all the mix-ins first. You’ll see that in our recipe we mix breadcrumbs, milk, an egg and herbs together first. That way, when we add the turkey meat, all we need to do is lightly mix.

Second, these meatballs are pretty wet, so they easily stick together when forming. All you need to do is gently form into a ball. From there, just be careful when working with them. For the first 10 minutes of cooking, don’t stir the sauce and let the meatballs be. Once they’ve cooked and firmed up a bit, you can stir normally.

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