LONDON,UK - On October 13th, CMO London (CEMAC Market Opportunity), chaired by Ms. Elizabeth Andony-Traore, held its annual conference on the potential investment in the CEMAC region, at the Grand Hotel in Connaught Room London. (Courtesy of Tropics Magazine) purpose of this second edition was to present a positive and realistic image of the enormous potential of this rich and prosperous region and discuss progress and advancements developed by local governments, introduced in recent years, to promote economic and political development in line with the needs of their local communities and bridge the gap existing diplomatic with the countries of the northern hemisphere.

CEMAC comprises six countries located in Central Africa, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Congo, and offering investment opportunities in strategic sectors such as telecommunications, urban planning and construction, energy, mining, forestry, banking and financial sector booming.

Today, many European investors turned to Africa and particularly in Central Africa, to explore the possibility of investing their capital, to support local economies and benefit from the work of petroleum operations natural gas in Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and Congo, and the big agricultural potential in Cameroon.

Often criticized in the past for political instability or a high level of corruption, the CEMAC region today is at the heart of an African political and economic renewal, inspired by Nelson Mandela of South Africa ( during the 90s) and confirmed by the emergence of social development in most of these countries. More countries are now open to tourism (CAN 2012), better governed and better structured, responsive to economic and financial advice from the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and World Bank, but also (and most important) to listening to a diverse population and proud of their ethnic background, has enabled the region to break free and become a destination for potential investors around the globe.

CMO London annual conference has been a success both for the organizers and the special guests. Talking about global intelligentzia, please follow the link to read the full speech Mr. Robert Tashima of the Oxford Business Group made that day:


Business opportunities in the CEMAC region are a reality and it is indeed just a matter of time before CMO London and its privileged partners make it happen. Meanwhile, do keep an eye on their website:

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