Here we are! PRAGUE has received la crème de la crème of the BLACK FASHION WEEK 2011, a one-of-the-kind event initiated by Adama Paris with the purpose to celebrate fashion and the togetherness of the Black Diaspora.


Wonderful designers have joined the founder's project to showcase just some of their most stunning designs. While we are working on a BFW, we will like to share with you some of the first show's pictures produced by our France Correspondent, Mr. Marc Richez. Leggo!

Day 1 of the BFW has been one-of-a-kind show for the Czech Republic people who were astonished and yet very amazed by the designers daily. Congratulations to the entire show management team, the designers, partners and sponsors but especially to its founder for putting in place such a grand and memorable show on an European soil. Signing out is Venicia Guinot, enjoy the pics!

Adama Paris Runway

Elie Kuame Runway

Imane Ayissi Runway

Mame Fagueye Ba Runway

Mossi Runway



Photography: Marc Richez (Tropics Magazine)

Make up: IMAN Cosmetics

Hair: Activilong & Darling

Courtesy of Black Fashion Week - Prague (BFW)


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