To achieve that flawless foundation look, blending is the key. But today’s Beauty Tip of the Day will help you out a bit to make sure you’re blending in the right direction.*APnPAzF6NDG8bGu*0kSQ8O2vTyI69BdON914hpdTh8XPvLrspO*OQDqoJDecYzZBdmkafv-ewupxbc3SRVjl/G7YvetteNsiah.png

The trick is to always blend your foundation down or sideways - never up! Especially if you’re working from the center of your face outward, swiping it up will leave your foundation catching in the light peach fuzz that we all have on our skin and making it clumpy and your face cakey.

Don’t forget that your coverage should get more sheer as you move toward your hairline (so that it’s not too heavy) and don’t forget to blend thoroughly around your jawline.

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