When: Friday, 30 March 2012 to Saturday, 31 March 2012
Where: Cape Town Central
Categories: Annual Festivals / Music Festivals

Cape Town Jazz Festival

The annual Cape Town International Jazz Festival is the culmination of world-renowned musicians providing a cohesive star-studded line-up. 2011 wll be its twelfth year - this proudly South African event will be hosted at the Cape Town International Convention Centre for the 13th year.

The musical and training workshops offered at the festival are yet another endorsement of the Cape Town International Jazz Festival’s commitment to developing not only the industry, but the community as well. Well attended and supported by local musicians and industry professionals, the participants in the various workshops benefit directly from experts in their prospective fields. Aimed not only developing musical and business skills, these non-threatening and co-operative forums provide practical skills that can be implemented immediately. Guided by dedicated professionals, the various workshops provide valuable, accessible and free information directly related to the industry. Collaboration between the Festival, musicians and the media has ensured that participants at all the workshops benefit generously from the contributions of these professionals.


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