Note from the team:
The cover page to AfroStyle Magazine's 6th (Fall/Winter) issue that has debuted.
This issue includes photoshoots covering countries Ghana (AfroTraditional), the  Russian and Fulani cultures (AfroFusion) and our Solar field spread (AfroModa). Movie Book and Music Reviews; Interviews with Jamal Simmons, Michael Ajakwe and Mattia Biagi. Enjoy our articles such as Eternal Springs: The Libation Ritual, AfroBeauty: Hair Threading and more.
AfroStyle Magazine achieved its goal of meeting and beating 1,000,000 hits and therefore they thank their reders for all the support given. They also thank the eSolar cooperation for givingthem  the opportunity to shoot at their solar field making us the 1st African and Fashion magazine to shoot at location.
Hope you enjoy the 6th issue of AfroStyle Magazine (WWW.AFROSTYLEMAG.COM)
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